I learned to pay myself first which was a huge commitment. Through this commitment to myself, I’ve learned to reduce stress and not only respect myself more, but money itself.”

Olivia Drouhaut, Non-Profit Business Development Manager

“In the beginning I was afraid. Most pressing and depressing issues were my student loans. Within a month of working with Alicia, I gained the confidence necessary to contact my loan representatives and face my fears. One of my golden nuggets from this course has been, saying no, to say yes to myself.”

Irijah Stennett, COMBA Program Director

“As my family started to grow, Alicia Holmes was instrumental in the development and implementation of a financial plan that led to debt reduction and the eventual purchase of a beautiful home by a lake in New Jersey. Her no-nonsense approach to financial security was anchored in the premise that positive change starts with accepting responsibility for our own decisions around money and how we use it. She taught me that I will either spend my life paying compound interest or retire off compound interest gained through effective savings and investments. I must admit that I was reluctant to embrace some of her teachings in the beginning, but I now teach these same concepts to my children so that they will be properly prepared when they become adults.”

James Wicks, Senior Director, Infrastructure Security